Kabrita Cambodia Easy Ways to Solve Children's Constipation

Easy Ways to Solve Children’s Constipation

No parent wants to see their child have abdominal pain, but before you get to the medication, try three ways that many mothers have successfully applied to help relieve your child’s constipation.

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3 Ways to Solve Children’s Constipation

1. Increase fiber food and provide at least 2 cups of water daily. Children should eat 19g of fiber daily from fruits, vegetables and grains.

2. Massage your baby’s belly in the morning when get up and before bed at night. Massage can be a useful way to relieve constipation in children, warm your hands by rubbing both hands. Placing your hand gently on baby’s tummy and moving your palms in a circle around baby’s abdomen.​

3. Use a 7-day diet diary to monitor intestinal symptoms and identify foods that cause problems. If milk is the cause of constipation, you can switch to Kabrita goat formula milk which is easy to digest.

All goat formula milk, Kabrita goat milk is the most popular. Kabrita is a 100% Dutch product by Ausnutria, a company specializing in baby nutrition for over 80 years. Goat’s milk Kabrita powder combines easily digestible goat’s milk with essential and valuable nutrients such as DHA, Omega3, fatty acids, dietary fibers (GOS) and OPO (Beta-Palmitate). These are the reasons why Kabrita goat formula milk is a great choice for toddlers.