Kabrita Cambodia Natural and Easy Ways to Reduce Baby Cough

Natural and Easy Ways to Reduce Baby Cough

Babies usually have vomit problems, there are some things you can do to help reduce your baby’s vomit! Find out more about tips that are recognized by our mothers to alleviate any baby cramps.

Natural and Easy Ways to Reduce Baby Cough

Tips to Help Baby Cough

Identify and Eliminate Hazards to Infants

The best start is to use the Day Diet Diary to identify symptoms and foods to see why. This means trying new formula for some babies. If milk is a part of your baby’s newborn and toddler cravings, try switching to Kabrita goat milk formula.

Find Your Zen

While feeding, make sure you are creating the right environment for your baby with no flashing lights and immediate distractions. This teaches good eating habits, it facilitates the nervous system and helps the baby’s digestion.

Reduce Wind

Adding air to the digestive system can cause discomfort and cause bloating and coughing. Try leg exercises, cycling or other methods to reduce flatulence.

Provide Small Amounts of Food

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises not to “add food” to your baby to prevent coughing in babies. Do not give extra food when your baby is full and when he does not want to eat. Reduce the amount your baby eats at each feeding by feeding more often to ensure adequate nutrition for growth and development.


Hold your baby on your side and make sure your baby’s head is higher than his chest while breastfeeding. Keep them upright for at least 20-30 minutes after feeding.

Delay Play

Play time and activity are important for your baby’s growth, but try to delay play activities too much after feeding to reduce the baby’s coughing.

Babies’ coughs are common, but be sure to consult a pediatrician if your toddler has more relevant symptoms.