Kabrita Cambodia Goat's Milk and Cow's Milk - What Are the Differences?

Goat’s Milk and Cow’s Milk – What Are the Differences?

When we talk about animal milk, we always think of cow’s milk. However, goat’s milk is another type of animal milk which is gaining popularity around the world due to its natural benefits. So what is the difference between goat’s milk and cow’s milk? Let’s find out now:

1. Protein

One of the most common problems for children under 3 years of age is related to cow’s milk because cow’s milk contains a protein called Alpha s1 Casein. In goat’s milk, alpha s1 casein levels are about 89% lower than in milk. This is one of the main reasons why children have symptoms such as: constipation, bloating, indigestion, cough and skin rashes can disappear by simply switching to goat’s milk instead. Goat’s milk contains small, soft proteins when it enters the gut, are easily digested.

Goat vs Cow

2. Protein A1 & A2

Cow’s milk contains both A1 and A2 protein mixes, but goat’s milk contains only A2 protein. Studies show that some digestive problems are caused by protein A1, which is one of the reasons why A2 goat’s milk is naturally digestible and soft.

Protein A1 & A2

3. Fatty Acid

The fat in goat’s milk is naturally easy to digest. The fat molecules in goat’s milk are much smaller compared to the fat molecules in cow’s milk, and goat’s milk also contains short- and medium-chain fatty acids, which are more beneficial than cow’s milk.

4. HMOs: Prebiotic or Oligossacharides or HMOs

Beneficial to the digestive system and antibodies. Goat milk has up to six times more HMOs than cow’s milk.

Prebiotic or Oligossacharides or HMOs

5. Nucleotide

Goat’s milk contains nucleotides up to five times more than milk.

Nucleotides can help boost immunity system in children.


6. Nutrition

Goat’s milk is rich in essential nutrients. Goat’s milk is higher in minerals than cow’s milk.

Because goat’s milk is naturally easier to digest and more nutritious than cow’s milk, many mothers say that goat’s milk formula helps to alleviate milk-related symptoms such as constipation, bloating or indigestion, coughing and skin rashes. You can find out more about motherhood experiences here: Kabrita’s moms stories.

All the goat formula milk, Kabrita is the most popular. Kabrita is a 100% Dutch product by Ausnutria, a company specializing in baby nutrition for over 80 years. Goat’s milk Kabrita powder combines easily digestible goat’s milk with essential and valuable nutrients such as DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids, dietary fibers (GOS) and OPO (Beta-Palmitate). They are the reasons why Kabrita goat milk formula is a great choice for toddlers.